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Books by Alicia Harley

Spiritual Dreams for Our Journey to Eternity

 Mysticism:  Visual Literary

Several places to purchase your book 'Spiritual Dreams for Our Journey to Eternity':

Barnes & Noble (Corpus Christi Local Store)

5129 Blanche D Moore Drive

Corpus Christi, TX  78411

Phone: 361-992-1339

Open: Sun 11am-7pm, Mon -Sat 10am - 9pm

Call to order your book or 

Order online at Barnes&

Corpus Christi Cathedral Bookstore (By Courtyard)

505 N. Upper Broadway

Corpus Christi, TX  78401

Phone: 361-883-4213


Sun 10:30am - 12:30pm

M-F 11am - 1:30pm

Sat. Closed

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Order Now

Spiritual Dreams for Our Journey to Eternity, a book describes Alicia Harley's (Author) dreams including commentary by Dr. Ronda Chervin (Author of eighty books). The selected forty dreams in the book are known as 'interior visions' and are NOT dreams. Order NOW to take this journey with Alicia Harley through the dreams known as interior visions. 

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